I was shopping for an affordable high pressure shower head and came across a lot of options.  How can such a simple decision become so complicated?   I couldn’t decide on which one to purchase.  I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of shower heads.  Who really thinks about their shower head?  No body unless it’s broken or you have a horrible water pressure or simple are unhappy with your shower experience.  In my case the water pressure in my house has been so low.  I just enjoy a shower like I use to be able to.  This is what started my shower head search.  I found a website that has a lot of helpful reviews and recommendations of shower heads.

The site can be found at  http://bestshowerheads.reviewsyou can also find high pressure shower heads here http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-high-pressure-shower-head/ Kids Shower head reviews here http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-kids-shower-head/  LED shower head reviews http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-led-shower-head/ Handheld reviews http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-hand-held-shower-head/ Dual shower head reviews http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-double-shower-heads/ Waterpik Shower heads http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-waterpik-shower-heads Low flow shower head reviews http://bestshowerheads.reviews/best-low-flow-shower-head/


Go through the reviews and recommendations and you will have no problems finding the right shower head for your needs.  This website has saved me a lot of time and I ended up buying an LED shower head with high pressure along with a high pressure rainfall shower head. I spent less than $100 on both of them.