Welcome to DAWN 2 DUSK ; from sunrise to sunset – in dirt- we do it better.

Dawn 2 Dusk We strive to learn and practice sustainable  techniques of farming.

Organic farming has been around for ages, but is threatened in many ways.The best we can do, and you can do too, is to truly embrace and build on organic farming and farmers.

We find it exciting to practice organic farming because it requires us to think about the land we use and share, seeing the microscopic living things in the soil as partners all the way to our customers at the farm, the various outlet locations including the farmers market.

Each year we go through an organic inspection of our operation. We believe:home-page-farm-house
1. It is a good way to learn new developments in the industry
2. It helps us be current and
3. It checks on the milestones we have covered so far.

We now can proudly say we are –


Anyway, we will be sharing more about what we are learning about the farm and us- the immigrant farmers. So join the four of us and let us be good stewards of the land.
Moses and Ronah.

 Partner with us – at the farmers market.

Our mission statement is: “To provide fresh, local, organic food to our family, friends and neighbors through direct and indirect, producing in sustainable ways that respect family, friend and neighbor.”

Our vision is: “A sustainable farm that will withstand agricultural fads”.

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